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Another Gold Coast Theme Park classic finds a home at Funfields

Joining our Pirate Ship that was purchased from Seaworld in 2009, Burnout was purchased in January 2012 from Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. The ride was removed to make room for for Dreamworlds new Madagascar Madness area. Previouly operated as the Stingray this ride has been rethemed by a leading Queensland theming artist. 

Important Safety Notice

Due to the speeds, forces and excitement created by this ride, riders must be in good health and free from any physical limitations or known medical conditions including the following:

  • Recent surgery / illness
  • Neck / back disorders
  • Pre existing limb injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Seizures, epilepsy and dizziness
  • Motion sickness
  • Heart disorders / high blood pressure

Pregnant women should not ride


Before riding the Burnout please assess your suitability to:

  • Heights
  • High Speeds

Physical Requirements

  • Guests must be able to sit upright independently
  • Harness must be able to lock as required



Height Restrictions

You Must be 130 cm's or taller to ride the Burnout alone. Children between 110 and 129 cm's must ride accompanied by an adult. [someone 16 years old or older]

Please Note That Children under 110 cm's are not permitted on this ride

What To Wear

No Clothing restrictions apply to this ride.


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