360° Virtual Reality Ride




Virtual Reality thrills aboard Blackbeard’s Fury Pirate Ship
Get ready to soar through the sky riding your very own dragon in a fantasy world inhabited by trolls, knights and pirate ships at Funfields Theme Park.

Designed and developed in Victoria, Dragon’s Fury is the first VR Technology released in a Victorian Theme Park. Wearing the latest Samsung Gear VR Headsets visitors will experience the physical sensations of the death defying pirate ship motion while being visually transported to a science fiction world.

Download Full Ride Restrictions
Full Ride Restrictions
Height Restriction
135cm + to ride. Under 135cm must have consent from someone 16yrs +
Virtual Reality Ride
360° 3D experience
VR Headsets

Soaring through the sky riding your very own dragon you’ll feel the beat of your dragon’s wings while swooping under bridges and diving across oceans. 
You’ll be bursting through clouds, avoiding the fiery breath of your fellow dragons whilst navigating around floating islands, warring pirate ships and evading a castle siege.

This experience will be more than you could imagine.

“Dragon’s Fury is truly out of this world and you won’t experience anything like this in Australia, you truly feel like you have been transported to another world”, said John Verga, Managing Director of Funfields. “We can’t wait for visitors to experience this exciting new attraction.”


You can purchase Tickets for "Dragon's Fury 360 VR Ride" online when you purchase a General Admission Ticket as an "Add-on" or buy tickets to the VR ride at the park for $6 per ride.


Due to the high speeds, forces and excitement created by this ride, riders must be in good health and free from any physical limitations or known medical conditions including the following:

• Recent Surgery or illness
• Neck or Back disorders
• Pre-existing limb injuries
• Pregnancy
• Seizures, Epilepsy or dizziness
• Motion Sickness
• Heart Disorders or High Blood Pressure

Pregnant women should not ride

Before riding the Pirate Ship please assess your suitability to:

• Heights
• High Speeds
• Guests must be 135cm + to ride. Under 135cm must have consent from someone 16yrs +

• Guests must be able to sit upright independently
• Harness must be able to lock as required

PLEASE NOTE: Guests must be 135cm + to ride. Under 135cm must have consent from someone 16yrs +

Appropriate footwear must be worn whilst riding the Pirate Ship.

Download Media Release

    OPENED 2016
    FEATURES 360⁰ VR on Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship
    HEIGHT Up to 20 metres
    SWING ANGLE Maximum 75⁰
    EXPECT Adrenaline pumping VR Experience