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Alpine Toboggan Slide

Alpine Toboggan Slide

Are You Ready To Challenge The Mountain?

The Alpine Toboggan Slide is the Parks’ marquee ride. Once you have received your instructions you will be seated on a Toboggan and you are ready to enjoy the views and the fresh, clean country air as you are gently towed 400 metres to the top of our mountain. Once you reach the top enjoy the panoramic views of the township and surrounding ranges and let the fun begin!

Watch the country views become a blur as you hurtle down the mountain at top speed.........or for those of you who are less daring, the "scenic route" can always be taken.

The Toboggans are easy to ride…You are in total control…….simply push the joystick forward to go faster and pull it back to slow down.

Important Safety Notice

Due to the nature of this ride, riders must be in good health and free from any physical limitations or known medical conditions including the following:

  • Recent surgery / illness
  • Neck / back disorders
  • Pre existing limb injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Seizures, epilepsy and dizziness
  • Heart Disorders / high blood pressure

Pregnant women should not ride.

Physical Requirements

  • Guests must be able to sit upright independently
  • Guests must be able to control the brake lever independently

Height Restrictions

You need to be 127cm's or taller to ride the toboggans alone. Children under 127cm's must be accompanied by an adult. [Someone 16 years or older]


What To Wear

Appropriate clothing is required to be worn at all times whilst riding the toboggans. Guests MUST wear a minimum of shorts and a Tee Shirt..........NO SINGLET TOPS!  Some form of footwear is also recommended.



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