Water Safety


Funfields offers a range of rides and attractions some of which are water based.

Young children love water and it can be fun for everybody, as well as great exercise. But it’s vital that you or another grown-up always watches your child when in, on or around any water, because drowning can happen quickly and quietly.

Time spent in the water assists in a child’s physical and intellectual development. The ability to safely enjoy water continues to benefit us all at all stages of our lives. Positive experiences begin from birth – bath time is the ideal introduction to the aquatic environment. Parents and carers can encourage children to feel comfortable with water by playing and making bath time and other water-based activities fun.

For additional information, please visit Life Saving Victoria

IMPORTANT: LIFEGUARDS ARE NOT BABY SITTERS YOU are responsible for YOUR CHILDREN at ALL TIMES!  Parents and guardians should actively supervise their children at all times and be dressed ready to enter a pool if required.

20 Seconds is all it takes to drown – Play It Safe By The Water!