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Snakes Alive

Snakes Alive

Snakes Alive is a cup and saucer ride like you've never seen before. A new twist and slither on a perennial family favourite ride, Snakes Alive will put you in a SPIN!!!

Important Safety Notice

Due to the nature of this ride, riders must be in good health and free from any physical limitations or known medical conditions including the following:

  • Recent surgery / illness
  • Neck / back disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Seizures, epilepsy and dizziness (see video below)


Height Restrictions

To ride Snakes Alive unaccompanied children must be at least 95 cm's tall. All children under this height must be accompanied by an adult. [someone 16 years old or older]

What To Wear

Some form of footwear is required. There are no other  clothing requirements for this ride.


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