Water Safety


Funfields offers a range of rides and attractions some of which are water based.

Young children love water and it can be fun for everybody, as well as great exercise. But it’s vital that you or another grown-up always watches your child when in, on or around any water, because drowning can happen quickly and quietly.

Time spent in the water assists in a child's physical and intellectual development. The ability to safely enjoy water continues to benefit us all at all stages of our lives. Positive experiences begin from birth - bath time is the ideal introduction to the aquatic environment. Parents and carers can encourage children to feel comfortable with water by playing and making bath time and other water-based activities fun.

Keep Watch
Keep Watch
Keep Watch is a public education program of Royal Life Saving Society - Australia, aimed at preventing drowning deaths of children under 5 years of age in all aquatic locations. There are 4 main actions of the Keep Watch program that parents and carers of children are encouraged to undertake to prevent children drowning.
The Keep Watch program has 4 key actions to prevent your child from drowning. These actions are not to be used in isolation and should form part of a web of prevention measures. Therefore if one line of defence fails there are more prevention measures working together to prevent your child from drowning. These are:

> Supervise
> Restrict Access
> Water Awareness
> Resuscitate

The program is targeted at parents and carers of children to help them understand the dangers of leaving their children unattended at the pool. As a parent you have a responsibility to look after your own children. Lifeguards do a great job at keeping our pools safe but they are not babysitters.Royal Life-Saving Australia has developed several programs one of which is Keep Watch @ Public Pools. This public education program is aimed at eliminating all drowning deaths and reduce the number of near drowning incidences that occur in aquatic leisure centres, public swimming centres and pools. For every drowning, approximately three other children are hospitalised from a near-drowning incident, some of which result in severe brain damage. Funfields fully supports this important initiative and for more information about Keep Watch click here to go to the Royal Life-Saving Australia website.